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10 Simple GMail Tweaks

10 Simple GMail Tweaks

Unlock Gmail’s potential with theses 10 simple, easy to use tricks…

Many of us use GMail completely unaware of its features and potential. Whether this is due to a lack of technical knowledge, pure laziness, or a little bit of both, users need not be in the dark anymore thanks to this informative video from Techland.
The clips show us 10 simple and effective GMail tricks that’ll have you navigating your email account like a computer whizkid.

10 Simple and Effective GMail Features

Tips include, how to:

  • Resize the compose box
  • Drag and Drop Attachments
  • View only ‘Unread Messages’
  • Filter unwanted spam
  • Synchronize the Tasks feature with your mobile phone.
  • Send SMS from the chat feature
  • Undo send within 30 seconds
  • Use quick links
  • Send and archive to keep you Inbox clean
  • And a list of keyboard shortcuts

Most of the above tweaks work right off the bat, however there are several that need enabling in the ‘Settings’ tab.

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