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The Worlds Worst Cell Phones

The Worlds Worst Cell Phones

10 of the worlds ugliest and most impractical cell phones...

Some mobile phones are beautiful, packed with features and easy to use, but others, have none of these traits. In this article we look at some of the world’s ugliest and most impractical mobile phones.

The Siemens Xelibri Line

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Siemens Xelibri
The Xelibri phones from Siemens were so odd and ugly that instead of becoming the ‘consumer must have’ as many first envisinoed, the brand only lasted 18 months before all handsets were taken off the market.

Bang & Olufsen Serene

Worlds Worst Phones - Bang & Olufsen Serene
Launched in 2006 for over $1000, the Serene from Bang & Olufsen was a classic example of all design and no brains. Sporting an iPod-style click wheel with a numeric keypad around the wheel, B&O switched up the architechure of phone and placed the display underneath the keypad, aparently cutting down on dirty smudges from your face.

The camera has been place on the side of the phone, and with no twist mechanism on the hinge of phone, you can’t face someone while taking a picture of them.

Dual-LCD Cellphone by Hong Jeong

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Dual-LCD Cellphone by Hong Jeong

This phone, created by Hong Jeong of Korea, is supposed to enhance web and media experiences with its dual screen layout. Seems like they have wasted a lot of screen realty for a phone that claims visual enhancement.

Nokia 7380

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Nokia 7380
With no physical keyboard the Nokia 7380 has to be the most difficult phone to send an sms. Critics labeled it the most unusable phone ever, noting the only thing you could fast with it, is to answer an incoming call. To add more insult to injury, the fashionable tiny mirror screen that was suppose to give the phone edge and finess, turned out to be completely illegible in sunlight.

Besides the long-winded text input via the iPod style wheel, the 7380 only supported 52MB of storage space with no room for expansion. A slight design fault considering the 2-megapixel camera and the MP3 player functions.

Toshiba G450

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Toshiba G450

This strange device is a combination of useful gadgets, a USB broadband modem, a cell phone, MP3 player and mobile storage unit. However, with the odd split keypad making texting and even dialing a chore, the G450 never really pleased as a phone, and with only 160MB of storage space, it didn’t really cut it as thumb-drive or MP3 player either.

This device is best used as a wireless broadband modem, supporting 3G, HSDPA, EDGE, and GPRS connections.

Nokia 3650

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Nokia 3650

Another oddball from Nokia, curvaceous candybar-shaped 3650 was another attempt at moving away from the traditional keypad, this particular design was actually supposed to make mobile messaging more easy, instead the result was, confusing and impractical.

Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serenata

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Samsung Bang & Olufsen Serenata

Bang & Olufsen teamed with Samsung to create another oddity that adopted the same imprcatical design as its predecessor, the Serene.

With the screen underneath the iPod-style click wheel interface, designers have added a slide function to reveal a high-def surround-sound speaker.

Launched in 2007 for $2000, the phone did support 3G (HSDPA) connectivity, a 256KB TFT display, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth A2DP support but lacked a camera.

F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - F88 Wrist Watch Mobile Phone

A device for the ultra-geeky. Super-tacky, bulky, and a monster of watch, phone, camera, calculator and speakerphone. I have to admit the features are cool, but the design, and price tag – $1100 – are not.

Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Virgin Mobile Lobster 700TV

The name inspired by it’s cruestican-like crustacean-like shape, was the first phone to offer mobile TV without the added costs,

Unfortunately, this oddly shaped bulky beast never really caught on. First released on the Virgin Mobile network in October 2006, the phone is now no longer available, and the mobile TV service was discontinued in January 2008.

Vertu Bucheron Cobra

Worlds Worst Cell Phones - Vertu Bucheron Cobra

The prize for the most most expensive, ugly and unfuctional cell phone has to go to the Vertu Bucheron Cobra – basically a dolled up Nokia.
Encrusted with precious stones from French jeweler Boucheron this phones comes with a ridiculous price tag of $310,000.

The phone phone from Nokia’s deluxe division is wrapped by a gold cobra with 439 rubies, one pear-cut diamond, one round diamond, and two emerald eyes.

Only 8 of these tacky monsters were ever produced, but there were another 26 “more affordable” units, prices at $115,000, which came with a python instead of a cobra.

Unfortunately no high-end specs here, just gems.

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  1. Oh no! God forbid a phone can only do things like receive and make calls!


  2. Im really surprised you didnt mention the Nokia N-Gage. That was terrible.

    Some really crazy phones on this list though.

  3. I had a 3650!
    It was a brilliant phone, and it was easy (if a little confusing at first) to text on, major issue was the random reboots!

  4. The Nokia N-Gage had some bad reviews, but in Asia it was very popular. The design reminded me of Sega Game Gear.

  5. i dont think they are ugly. i would use them

  6. So why isn’t the iPhone on this list?

  7. I used the N-Gage for two years and LOVED it. It was really easy to use, had fun games, and held up better than a lot of phones I’ve had.

  8. i need the watch phone id pay $1100 for that its worth it and what are you talking about bad desing? sure you might make a few accedental calls at first so what and if your talking about texting its obviously not made for that

  9. What does “cruestican-like” mean?

    How about “crustacean”?

  10. @Big Bill

    Spelling corrected. Gotta love the spell checkers.

  11. Give me a Tracfone and I’d be happy.

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