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3D Printed Assault Rile

3D Printed Assault Rile

Amateur gunsmith proves it’s possible to make working firearms with a 3D printer…

An amateur gunsmith has proven that’s it possible to make a working assault rifle using nothing but a 3D printer.

The gunsmith, known as HaveBlue, has been posting articles detailing his developments, which have taken him from printing a .22 caliber pistol, to an AR-15 rifle, whilst raising a rather large legal argument in the process.

Last year, HaveBlue announced that he’d printed a serviceable .22 caliber pistol, and despite mass predictions of failure, the gun fired 200 rounds without any problems.

3d printed gun

3D Printed AR-15 Assault Rifle

HaveBlue then decided to take his project a step further by printing a fully operational AR-15 assault rifle. To do this he worked from CNC files downloaded from After a few modifications just $30 of ABS plastic feedstock was needed to print the AR-15 using his Stratasys 3D printer.

Preliminary tests show that the weapon works, but there are still come minor feed and extraction problems to be solved.

During the project, HaveBlue has also, raised discussion as to whether 3D printing guns at home was legal. He asked Thingiverse, the 3-D design sharing site run by Makerbot Industries, whether it was permissible to post weapons designs or not.

The designs were posted, but the discussion that followed caused Thingiverse to announce a ban on weapons designs. However, since Haveblue’s design is still on the site, it’s unclear whether the ban is being enforced.

Which ever way you look at it, the very possibility of printing guns at the home using 3D printers is certain to bring with it tough laws and restrictions. Nevertheless, since it’s already been proven to be possible, I’m sure we can expect to see many more 3D printed guns in the future.

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