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Turn Your iPhone Into An External Drive

Turn Your iPhone Into An External Drive

4 Free ways to use your iPhone as an external hard disk drive without hacks...

Users of the iPod will know that, like all mp3 players, it doubles as an external hard drive. A very simple function, not really worth shouting about, so it seems strange that Apple didn’t include this capability in the iPhone.

Luckily enough, there are several applications out there can turn your iPhone into an external hard disk, even if you haven’t hacked it.


Discover App Turns Your iPhone Into An External Hard Disk Drive

This little program is the one of the only free applications in the App store. It gives the function of a hard drive and lets you transfer files via a wireless connection.

You can either use WebDAV protocol to connect to your iPhone via Finder, Windows Explorer or Nautilus (Gnome) or use the Web interface and connect to it via your browser. There is also a Discover Windows Client for Windows users.

There are several extra features included in Discover. There is an iPhone-Discovery mode which lets users find other iPhones on the same network and share files. There is also a viewing mode to browse file whilst on the move.

Briefcase Lite

Briefcase Lite App Turns Your iPhone Into An External Hard Disk Drive

Briefcase Lite is the free version of paid app Briefcase. With Briefcase Lite you can connect your iPhone or iPod touch to a Mac or Linux computer via a local area connection.

Similar to Discover you can securely download Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Word, Excel, MP3, M4V, PDF file and more. You can also receive files from the iPhones of other Briefcase users and view your files on the go.

There are a few limitations with the Lite version of Briefcase. For example, you can only upload/download files and not whole directories, and you cannot upload files to another iPhone.

If you want the full features of Briefcase, the full version costs $4.99.

iPhone Browser

Briefcase Lite App Turns Your iPhone Into An External Hard Disk Drive

This third party application made for Windows, it looks and functions just like explorer. Once iPhone Browser is installed and your iPhone/iPod connected, you will be able to browse, copy, drag and drop files in a familiar environment.

iPhone Browser also offers a back-up utility in case you accidentally delete some important files.

Disk Aid

DiskAid App Turns Your iPhone Into An External Hard Disk Drive

DiskAid is very similar to iPhone Browser. There are slightly lesser options but DiskAid is available for both PC and Mac.

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  1. hi i ned drive for brief case

  2. I need a thumbdrive application that doesn’t need WiFi, uses USB interface and does not require any added software on the PC (or Mac). I simply want the iPhone to emulate a thumbdrive, giving it FAT capability that is recognized on any PC. I’m in an environment without WiFi and the net admins block all software installations. Any suggestions?

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