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40 Mac Keyboard Short cuts

40 Mac Keyboard Short cuts

40 Keyboard Shortcuts to Optimize Your Mac Experience

These days I think it’s pretty safe to say Macbooks and iMacs are becoming more popular. With a new Macbook rumored at hitting stores for less than 1000 dollars, it seems like Apple are trying to make a model suitable for everyone’s budget.

Anyone who has bought a high-end laptop in the recent years has surely though about switching to a Mac, especially professional audio and visual users. However the unfamiliar environment of the Mac OS X and the talk of software compatibility issues still has many of us in fear of change.

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop

Apple Macbook Pro Laptop

After passing up the opportunity to buy a second hand Macbook Pro for a very inviting price, I started to wonder how long it would have taken me to get my head round the Mac.

A quick Google search led me to some really useful info on switching from Windows to Mac. There are several forums and blogs that can help guide you through the different Mac processes and applications. One article which I thought would apply to both professional and novice Mac users is “Keyboard Shortcuts.”

Bearing in mind “command” on the Mac has the same function as “control” in Windows, some of you PC users will notice that several of the shortcuts are exactly the same, if not very similar to those found in Windows – a sure sign it shouldn’t take too long to re-remember your way around the keyboard.

40 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Command-A Select All Items
  2. Command-C Copy Selected Items
  3. Command-D Duplicate Selected Items
  4. Command-F Search with Spotlight
  5. Command-G Find Next Matched Search
  6. Command-H Hide Window
  7. Command-I Open Get Info (Property) Pane
  8. Command-J Show View Options
  9. Command-K Connect to Server
  10. Command-L Make Alias of Selected Items
  11. Command-M Minimize Window
  12. Command-N Open New Window
  13. Command-O Open Selected Items
  14. Command-T Copy Items to Sidebar
  15. Command-V Paste Items
  16. Command-W Close Finder Window
  17. Command-Z Undo Action
  18. Command-1 View as Icons
  19. Command-2 View as Lists
  20. Command-3 View as Columns
  21. Command-4 View as Coverflow
  22. Command-Shift-A Go to Application Folder
  23. Command-Shift-B Open Bluetooth
  24. Command-Shift-C Go to My Computer
  25. Command-Shift-G Open Address Bar
  26. Command-Shift-H Go to Home Folder
  27. Command-Shift-I Connect to iDisk
  28. Command-Shift-J Open Journler (If Any)
  29. Command-Shift-K Go to Network Folder
  30. Command-Shift-L Go to Safari
  31. Command-Shift-N Create New Folder
  32. Command-Shift-Q Log Out
  33. Command-Shift-U Go to Utility Folder
  34. Command-Shift-Y Attach to Stickies
  35. Command-Option-D Hide the Dock
  36. Command-Option-M Minimize All Windows
  37. Command-Option-O Open File and Close Finder
  38. Command-Option-T Hide Toolbar
  39. Command-Option-W Close All Windows
  40. Command-R Show Original (From Alias)

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