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Zippo Lighter With Hidden 4mm Gun

Zippo Lighter With Hidden 4mm Gun

4mm short-barreled gun poses as Zippo lighter…

Countless people have seen, and possibly even owned one of those classic novelty gun lighters – a lighter shaped liked a gun, quite the Clint Wood look when you chose to light up, yes, but no tacky gun lighter can be anywhere near as badass as those that reverse that concept, e.g. an average Zippo lighter, that packs a hidden 4mm gun.

The intricate design replaces the wick of the Zippo with a 4mm barrel, and a trigger mechanism replaces the flint and striking wheel. The gun came with a set of 4mm ammunition mounted in yellow plastic dispenser disguised as a replacement Ronson Flints.

zippo lighter gun

4mm Gun Hidden Inside Zippo Lighter

zippo lighter with 4mm gun

Zippo Lighter with 4mm Kurz Gun

Image Credit: Gregg Martin Auctions, 2006.
I assume the gun is German made, as the bottom of the Zippo is labeled 4mm ‘kurz’, which translates into ‘short’ in English.

The gun sold for way more than is estimated $2000-$4000 price tag, fetching nearly $7000 at auction in 2006. At the time of the sale there was one bullet missing (I wonder if there was a recipient of that live fire test?).

The design of the Zippo might not be as intricate as the miniature guns created by Russian miniature guns created by Alexander Perfiliev, however it’s certainly more covert.

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