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AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

The AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun - As featured on Discovery Channel's Future Weapons.

Designed for military use, the Auto Assault-12 fully automatic shotgun (AA-12) can spit out 300 rounds per minute, and has a range of projectiles, including the Frag-12, which is more of a miniature missile than a bullet: it has a range of up to 175 meters (575 feet).

First developed in 1972 by Maxwell Atchisson, the Atchisson Assault Shotgun utilizes the “Constant-Recoil” principle, a recoil attenuation/mitigation system that was first invented and patented in the late 1970’s by legendary small arms designer L. James Sullivan developed for the Ultimax 100 LMG (Light Machine Gun).

In 1987, Max Atchisson sold the rights of Atchisson Assault Shotgun to Jerry Baber of Military Police Systems, Inc. The company in turn developed the successor simply known as Auto Assault-12, which was redesigned over a period of 18 years with 188 changes and improvements to the original blueprint.

Manufactured from “corrosion resistant, high impact, heat-treated stainless steels and high-impact plastics,” the Auto Assault-12 (AA-12) can survive below zero temperatures, can be fired upside down or dunked in salt water.

Rounds are fed from an 8-round box magazine, 20-round drum mag, or 32-round drum mag. The AA-12 Automatic Shotgun also features a quick-change barrel system. Barrel lengths are from 13″ to 18″.

Other Types of Shotguns

This is addition is in regards to Master Cheif’s comment about other types of Automatic Shotguns.

Automatic Shotguns

  • Auto Assault-12 Shotgun (AA-12)
  • Daewoo USAS-12
  • Pancor Jackhammer
  • Heckler & Koch HK CAWS

Semi-Automatic Shotguns

  • Benelli M4 Super 90
  • Beretta AL391
  • Beretta Xtrema 2
  • Striker-12
  • Franchi SPAS-12
  • Saiga-12
  • Remington 1100
  • Remington 11-87
  • Mossberg 930
  • Mossberg SA-20

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  1. Aren’t there more automatic shotguns?

  2. @ MasterChief

    I added an amendment to the article listing out other types of Automatic Shotguns and their website.

    Might be a good post to list out all the types with their pictures. I’ll get that up this month.

  3. Hi
    I can honstly say that i have fired a auto shotgun
    um firstly this gun was converted from semi auto
    and because of this it had no recoil dampner
    and because i fired this last night
    I now have a soft tissue ingury to my sholder

  4. a couple of my friends got our hands on the AA-12 and we unloaded it and holy shit I’ve never met a shotgun close to this….this would be a good gun for riot police only have bean bag rounds shot at crowds

  5. hey i was wondering if anybody could tell me where i could buy one?

  6. In some places that thing can be better then Master Card. Don’t leave home without it. I sincerely doubt that anyone will be asking you whats in your wallet.

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