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Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet

Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet

New inflatable tourniquet stops bleeding below the waist…

Tourniquets provide the wounded with vital extra time before loosing too much blood. Unfortunately while effective in many situations, there are several areas of the body – the chest, abdomen, neck, and around the hips – that are extremely difficult for tourniquets to clamp.

We’ve already seen the Combat Ready Clamp (CRoC) developed by Combat Medical Systems, which uses a configuration of clamps to stop bleeding in hard to reach places. But a new inflatable solution could prove to be more effective for those bleeding from below the waist.

The Abdominal Aortic Tourniquet, developed by two emergency-room physicians from the Georgia Health Sciences University and Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama, is a wedge-shaped inflatable device that sits around the naval. It’s then blown up until the blow flood to the lower body is halted.

abdominal aortic tourniquet

Abdonminal Aortic Tourniquet

By slowing almost stopping the blood flow to the lower body, the device extends the time the person has for survival – a period often referred to as the Golden Hour.

Dr. John Croushorn, Chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Trinity Medical Center said in a press release:

“By effectively cross-clamping the aorta with the abdominal aortic tourniquet, you are essentially turning the faucet off…

“You are stopping the loss of blood from the broken and damaged blood vessels. You are buying the patient an additional hour of survival time based on blood loss.”

The abdominal aortic tourniquet is not yet readily available, however it has already received premarket clearance from the FDA and is currently on order by the US military.

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