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Acer Armored UGV

Acer Armored UGV

Watch a two-ton mine sweeping UGV withstand bomb blasts and support troops on the battlefield…

The Acer armored UGV (no relation IT manufacturers), developed by Mesa Robotics, is a multi-purpose robotic platform fitted with Ballistic Steel armor that can deflect 7mm rounds fired from a distance of 25 meters.

acer armored ugv

Acer Multi-Purpose Robotic Platform

Image Credit: Mesa Robotics, 2011.

Weighing in at 5000lbs, or two and a half tons, the Acer has a top speed of 7mph, it can lift up to 1000lbs and carry a maximum payload of 2500lbs. The bot can perform zero turns, and can scale uphill and downhill on steep inclines of 60 degrees, it can also traverse across inclines of up to 40 degrees.

The Acer is operated remotely by one man using a belly-box operator control unit (OCU), which has two joysticks.

Check out the clip below to see the Acer in action. The video is quite long at 8 minutes plus; after the intro, the middle section of the video shows the Acer flailing crops with a optional tiller, the interesting part starts around the 4 minute mark, when the bot withstands several bomb blasts. The clip then goes into the military applications the bot can be utilized for.

The Acer was originally funded by DARPA to sweep mines and hunt out IEDs, unfortunately the budget ran out, but the designer and Mesa Robotics kept on developing the vehicle in hope to find a suitable market either in the military or elsewhere.

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