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New Acer Aspire Ethos Laptop

New Acer Aspire Ethos Laptop

High-definition home theater experience with its state-of-the-art detachable touchpad…

Acer has just released its new Aspire Ethos laptop that features a novel multimedia tool; a trackpad that detaches and doubles a remote control.

The detachable trackpad can function exactly as a traditional mouse, but at the touch of a button, LED light appears and it transforms into a media remote when not nestled below the backlit keyboard. Extremely useful for power point presentations, or if you have your laptop hooked up to your media center.

acer aspire ethos detachable trackpad

Acer Aspire Ethos Detachable Trackpad

Aside from the gimmicky trackpad, the laptop packs some pretty powerful specifications. The Aspire Ehtos line features 2nd generation Intel Core i5 or i7s, up to 16GB of memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M graphics with 2GB of DDR3 VRAM, 500GB – 1.5TB storage, USB 3.0, a HD webcam, Bluetooth, optional Blu-ray drive, Dolby sound, a built-in subwoofer and either a 15.6” or 18.4” frameless hi-res LED-backlit display with Gorilla Glass.
acer aspire ethos laptop

Acer Aspire Ethos Detachable Multimedia Trackpad

Battery can be up to 9 hours depending on the model, and Acer’s PowerSmart long-life battery retains 80% capacity for more than 1,000 charge cycles ensuring over three times the longevity when compared with most laptop batteries.

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