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Acer Tablets Coming Next Year

Acer Tablets Coming Next Year

More touch-screen devices coming from Acer…

Acer is branching out with its new line of touch-screen devices. We’ve already seen the dual-screen Iconia laptop which is expected to drop early next year, but Acer’s touch-screen line will not stop there. Shortly after the release of the Iconia the company will being launching its new range of tablet PCs.

acer 10 inch windows tablet pc

Acer 10 Inch Windows Tablet

First up is a sleek, gloss finished 10.1” Windows tablet that incorporates an accompanying keyboard dock for a more comfortable typing experience when not on the move.

acer windows 10 inch tablet pc

Acer 10 Windows Tablet PC

acer android tablet pc

Acer Android Tablet

According to Engadget, this tablet will use AMD’s next-gen Silicon CPU; feature two 1.3MP cameras, one front facing and one rear facing; come with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity; and will only measure 15mm thick and weigh 2.2 lbs (1kg).

No word on pricing just yet, but Acer says the device will be available in February 2011.

Later on in the year we can expect the release of another 10.1 tablet, and its smaller 7.1” brother.

Specifications are a little scare, but we do know that the 10.1 model – this time measuring just 13mm thick – will run Google Android and will be geared to support 1080p content as 3D online games.

acer andriod tablet pc

CAcer 10 Inch and 7 Inch Android Tablet PCs

The 7” model, also running Android, won’t quite run full HD, but its screen will support an adequate 1280 x 800 resolution, and the dual-core processor supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for ‘the fastest HD Web experience and multimedia playback.’ It’s also rumored to feature a 5MP rear facing camera.

acer android 10 and 7 inch tablet pc slim profile

Acer Android Tablet

The 10.1” and 7” Android tablet PC’s will come in an Aluminum finish, and should be available in April 2011.

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