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Add Touchscreen Capability To Your iMac

Add Touchscreen Capability To Your iMac

Add touchscreen capability to your iMac for less then 100 dollars…

TMDtouch of Shenzhen, China, has unveiled its new multitouch overlay for iMac. While it’s not the first touchscreen-enabling device we’ve seen, it is one of the only systems that can be installed by the user, it’s also the cheapest.

The Zorro Macsk is made from a frame of finished metal and plastic, which holds a single sheet of glass. The device slides easily on the front of the iMac, and is held in place with magnets. It connects to the iMac via USB and boots up in around 10-15 seconds, with no further installation required.

add multitouch to imac with zorro macsk

Zorro Macsk iMac Multitouch Device

Instead of using a pressure-sensitive, resistive overlay, the Zorro Macsk works by infrared transmitters, which means there’s no additional piece of glass or plastic that could affect picture quality.

The Zorro Macsk supports multitouch, unlike its more expensive competitor Troll Touch. It also comes with a rubber tipped metallic stylus, that quiet handily, also works with other capacitive touchscreens, as well as a protect plastic film to

The 21.5 inch model is available for just 199 dollars, and comes in variety of colors including black, silver, white, pink, blue, green and ‘classic’ silver and black.

Steve Job’s was always quoted as saying that touchscreen are novel but uncomfortable idea for iMacs, and that “touch surfaces want to be horizontal.” However with the slurry of touchscreen enabled Windows 8 laptops about to hit the market, perhaps Apple do need a competitor of its own. For now however, the Zorro Macsk is perfect solution for those want to add multitouch to their Apple desktops.

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