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AIRE Mask Portable Charger Concept

AIRE Mask Portable Charger Concept

The AIRE charger uses renewable wind energy from your breath to charger your device..

We’ve seen many portable charging devices arise over the recent years, but non quite so crazy as this… the AIRE mask is a concept designed to charge your iPhone 4, or other portable devices, using the power of wind given off when you breath.

The user simply wears the gas mask with the portable device connected, and with every breath small turbines transform wind into electricity. The device can be used in any situation, indoors or outdoors and of course, it produces more energy the faster and harder you breath.

aire mask breath power to charge devices

AIRE Mask Portable Renewable Energy Charger Concept

Image Credit: Jaoa Paulo Lammoglia, 2012.

The gas-mask type charger manages to follow the trend of renewable energy sources, such as solar powered chargers, whilst still being the only one of its kind.

AIRE concept was developed by Joao Paulo Lammoglia and won the Red Dot Award for design concepts.

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