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AiRScouter Head-Mounted Display

AiRScouter Head-Mounted Display

Go Dragon Ball-Z on it with Brother Industries AiRScouter…

In true Dragon Ball-Z style, Japanese company Brother Industries has developed a head-mounted transparent display that not only resembles the Scouter’s worn by the anime super heroes but is also named accordingly.

The AiRScouter, demoed at the Brother World Japan 2010 expo, projects images directly onto the eye using the “persistence of vision” effect. The images are created by projecting light – at a brightness safe for the eye – then moving it at high speeds. The effect produces what appears to be a 16” display floating around 1m away from the eye.

brother airscouter head-mounted transparent display

AiRScouter Head-Mounted Display

Chief of marketing at Brother Industries, Hideki Tani said:

“When people hear the term “see-through display,” I wonder what sort of display method they think of. This display creates a mysterious effect, making it look as if there’s a 16-inch screen floating one meter in front of the eyes, and the scenery behind the screen seems transparent as well.”

The Tani mentioned several applications for the device, mainly industrial, however it’s not difficult to see how a technology could be utilized by the military:

“Firstly, we expect this display will be used in industrial applications. Using the AiRScouter, it’s possible to look at a manual or the like while working on site. The advantage of this is, it reduces the time lost in moving around. Also, a camera can be attached, so pictures of the work site can be sent to head office. This makes it possible to work in collaboration, while receiving instructions from experts in the office.”

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