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Miniature Guns

Miniature Guns

Alexander Perfiliev makes miniature guns 4.5 times smaller than the original….

Russian born historian, constructor, jeweler and master of woodcarving, Alexander Perfiliev has a unique hobby that no many can take claim to; he make miniature replicas of guns, around the size of a match stick or two, that he claims will actually fire bullets.

Perfiliev started making the miniature guns over 30 years ago, since then he’s made over 50 models. The intricate mechanics of the models are extremely complicated and typically take anywhere from 7 to 18 months to complete – a task was even harder in the early days when it was difficult, if not impossible to get schematics of the guns to work from.

miniature webly air gun

Webly Air Gun

miniature sterling l2a3 submachine gun

Sterling L2A3

miniature smith and wesson

Smith and Wesson

miniature pps-41 submachine gun

PPS-41 Submachine Gun

miniature mauser gun

Masuer Gun

miniature makarov pistol

Makarov Pistol

miniature kalashnikov gun


Image Credit: Lensyanskiy, 2011.

Perfiliev said he used to travel far and wide just to collect information to build his early creations, and in some cases when the information wasn’t available, he would simply design the parts himself.

Nowadays things are slightly easier for Perfiliev thanks to the Internet as well as his more advanced set of tools. His first creations were made with a simple hand brace, and no power drill.

Most of the models are made of steel, however Perfiliev says that when the exact materials are difficult to find, he’ll salvage anything close by.

Perfiliev says the guns, which are approx 4.5 times smaller than the originals, will actually fire bullets, if there were any small enough to fire.

Most of Perfiliev’s models can be seen in the central hall of an art salon in Zabaikalye.

miniature gun maker alexander perfiliev

Alexander Perfiliev

miniature hubley colt 45

Hubley Colt 45

miniature g.mariette multi-barreled revolver

G.Mariette Multi-Barreled Revolver

miniature degtyarev infantry light machine gun

Degtyarev Light Machine Gun

miniature british sten gun

British Stern Gun

Image Credit: Lensyanskiy, 2011.

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