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AMD 6 Core Istanbul

AMD 6 Core Istanbul

AMD's new 6-core Opteron monolithic CPU, ready for sale this month....

Earlier this year AMD announced that its new monolithic six-core Opteron processor would be released by June. While the company only revealed a few specifics of the 6-core Opteron, codenamed Instanbul, we do know that the new processor uses the same socket and thermal envelope as the current crop of 45-nm AMD Opteron processors.

John Fruehe, the director of Business Development for AMD’s Workstation and Server Division, wrote in a blog post earlier this year:

“As a processor, Istanbul also bridges two worlds, the socket 1207 that has been such a strong platform in the past, and a 6-core Direct Connect architecture, with 12, 24 or 48 cores per server for the future,”

In a following article this month, Fruehe explians:

“I am reminded of this when I see the new Boston Quattro 6000GP server.  In the world of density, this product really stands out. Based on our new six-core AMD Opteron™ processor codenamed “Istanbul,” this new server manages to squeeze a total of four discrete servers into a 2U chassis. The Quattro 6000GP has four separate system boards, giving customers four individual servers that can each operate independently, all within one chassis….

“If you are running a very dense data center, perhaps HPC applications or cloud applications, then a system with this type of density can help you better manage your environment…

“With four dual-socket system boards, you can install up to 8 total processors, or (with the new 6-core processors) have up to 48 total cores in a 2U space.  Multiply that by the 21 slots in a standard 42U rack, and you have over 1000 cores in a 6 square foot space in your data center.”

AMD also plan to release a new integrated memory controller technology, 12-core processors in 2010 and a 16-core CPU in 2016.

An entirely new Opteron “6000” series for 2P and 4P systems is due in 2010. The Magny-Cours processors will be available in 8-core and 12-core versions and will debut on the G34 socket and the Maranello platform. A new “4000” series will address the entry-level 1P and 2P server segment and will launch with the C32 socket and “San Marino” platform with the 4- and 6-core “Lisbon” processor.

For 2011, AMD plans to introduce the Interlagos 12- and 16-core processor, which will be based on the Bulldozer core. The 32 nm CPU will be compatible with the Maranello platform, while another variant, the 6- to 8-core “Valencia” processor will target the 1P and 2P San Marino platform.

AMD said it will also introduce its Direct Connect Architecture 2.0, which will support up to 12 cores initially and offer “near native virtualization performance, and a range of full-featured power bands that continue to place a priority on low power consumption.”

The company began shipping the new 6-core Opteron, which promises 30% more performance than quad-core Opterons, in May. The CPU is scheduled for official release this month.

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