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Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal By Miles

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal By Miles

Amped Wireless can boost your Wi-Fi signal by a massive 1.5 miles…

We’ve featured a few tips on how to boost your Wi-Fi signal. Until now most tips had been of the homebrew sort, I mean why shell out cash for a few extra meters of signal, but paying for extra miles of Wi-Fi signal, now that might just be worth it.

Amped Wireless has recently released its SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater; a repeater that can boost a standard Wi-Fi signal by up to 1.5 miles, that’s nearly 8,000 feet.

amped wireless sr600ex pro smart repeater

Amped Wireless SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater

Image Credit: Amped Wireless, 2011.

The SR600EX features a 600mW power amplifier and a high-gain bi-directional antenna to provide it’s extended range. It’s universal, so it works with most Wi-Fri routers, and it features 2 additional network ports for connecting more computers, network switches and other devices.

The SR600EX also features an external antenna port to connect a high-gain outdoor antenna should the user require more range.

Another nice touch is that the device itself is weather proof. While it’s not clear exactly what conditions it can withstand, it’s safe to assume that the repeater can be placed outdoors in fairly moderate climates.

And covering all bases, the Pro Smart Repeater also comes with a premium 30 ft. Ethernet Cable for outdoor/indoor installations, as well as a 3ft patch cable for connecting to your PC

Given, those who live in rural areas may not benefit too much from being able to use their Wi-Fi in the fields surrounding their homes, but for those who live close to their favorite regular restaurants, coffee shops, parks etc., or for company’s looking for a simple solution to extend a Wi-Fi across the premises, Amped Wireless’s SR600EX Pro Smart Repeater might very well be worth the $180 asking price.

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  1. Given, those who live in rural areas may not benefit too much from being able to use their Wi-Fi in the fields surrounding their homes, ”
    I don’t think so. There aren’t many independent farmers left, what with the economy and the advent of  big agro-business and all,  but the one’s that are left would certainly appreciate being able to check on things from the seat of a tractor. Most of those independents already depend on the webs for weather, prices, and stock reports already. Would be kind of nice knowing a big storm front was coming in, just before starting to plow the back 40.

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