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Military Base Vehicle Barrier

Military Base Vehicle Barrier

Think you cam ram down a military base security barrier? Think again...

With technology progressing faster than ever before, the U.S Military’s need for physical security barriers to protect our ground forces has grown. Staying in the lead of technology and mechanical engineering advancements is vital in maintaining security and defense. To fill the void, several companies offer varying solutions including:

  • Anti-ram vehicle barriers
  • Force protection barriers
  • Critical infrastructure protection barriers
  • Blast mitigation / blast containment barriers
  • Protective delay barriers
  • Perimeter security barriers

Now, thanks to the wonders of physics, and the extremely advance modern-day technology of, military bases and other high security compounds can relax in the knowledge that it’s assets are protected at all times from ground invasions.

Unfortunately, the original uploader of this video is still unknown, and with the wealth of anti-vehicle barriers on the market it was hard to find any information about this particular barrier. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’ll agree that the effectiveness of this anti-ram barrier is phenomenal.

If anyone happens to know more about anti-vehicle/anti-ram concrete barriers (especially the one in the vid), feel free to leave a comment below.

We do have a colleague who works on these systems, but due to the classified nature of the work, he is unable to divulge any ‘real’ information.

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