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What is the Apple Brick

What is the Apple Brick

The Apple Brick – A new production technique or Apple’s forthcoming tablet / notebook?

Rumors have begun flooding the internet about the new Apple brick. Some have speculated that the “Brick” project is the world’s first all-screen laptop. Others have said it could be a hybrid iPhone-meets-Macbook-Air to compete with netbooks like the EeePC, but more recent leaks from the company suggest that the term Apple “Brick”, is a codename for a patented notebook production technique developed by Apple.

But, if the Apple Brick were to be a hybrid laptop/tablet, what would we expect from Apple? Wired Editor, Leander Kahney, imagine a double-screened notebook from Apple would resemble two big iPod Touches joined by a hinge, similar to the OLPC V2 (pictured below).

olpc dual screen laptop concept

OLPC Dual Screen Laptop Concept

The device could be used as a traditional laptop, held horizontally with the bottom screen acting as a keyboard; as a tablet, when the two sides snap together to form a continuous touch-sensitive screen; as an eBook, when the laptop is held vertically, each screen becomes a page like a book; or as a tabletop, where the two screens are configured for users to simultaneously use the device sitting opposite each other.

Unfortunately this concept may not be the answer to the mystery of the Apple Brick, website were amongst the first to report suggest that the term “brick” refers not to what it is, but to how it’s made.

apple brick

Apple Brick Unibody Mac

Apparently, the code name is derived from a new process used to manufacture Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops.

The new technique involves using lasers to carve the laptop casing out of a single “brick” of aluminum. While this theory raises concerns regarding the initial costs of building new production lines, experts say Apple could expect a good ROI within the first year of sales.

According to more recent reports, this rumor was confirmed by Apple designer Jonathan Ive, at a “town hall” event from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, in October.

Laser carved laptop casings could transform the way future laptops are built, allowing for seamless, screw-less and stronger designs, and if the rumors are true, Apple are almost ready to unleash a line of these one –piece aluminum notebooks on the public.

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