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Apple Encourages Antivirus for Mac

Apple Encourages Antivirus for Mac

Is Mac OS X still as secure as it used to be?...

Apple have finally admitted defeat to the ever increasing onslaught of malicious software by quietly posting its own recommendation for using antivirus software with the Mac OS X.

The Knowledge base article which was posted around two weeks ago, advised “widespread use” of more than one antivirus package to minimize security risks. And although it did not go as far as to say the software was necessary, it does suggest that the formidably secure Mac OX is slowly succumbing to the large amount of viruses spread on the Internet.

The post recommended using a combination of Intego’s VirusBarrier X5, McAfee’s VirusScan for Mac, and Symantec’s Norton Anti-Virus 11 to ensure a secure OS X experience. Apple claim many Windows viruses already know to bypass certain popular virus suites, using a combination of antivirus suites can reduce the risks of this happening.

Apple have often tried to remind the public of how ‘susceptible’ Windows is to viruses and past campaigns have always portrayed the Mac as immune. The company’s current stance on how secure the Mac OS X is has changed slightly, now saying only that the Mac OS X “resists most viruses”, with no comparison to Windows.

Nevertheless Apple Mac’s OS X remains one of the most secure operating systems, there are still few instances of widely spread viruses for OS X. So there appears to be no immediate hurry to change your browsing habits, however it’s becoming evident that virus writers are beginning to move into an open market in which they may be able to efficiently unleash a barrage of malicious codes for Mac. Lets hope the future of the Mac is still a secure one.

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