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Apple iMac Concept Design

Apple iMac Concept Design

A concept design for the future of Apple iMac Computer that features a transparent screen and sexy curves.

There isn’t really much left to comment on regarding this neat concept iMac, a picture really does say a thousand words. The concept design by Adam Benton is based on, current Apple design trends, as well as the previous iMac incarnations and pitches a 30 inch transparent screen which can be set to different levels of transparency and is totally transparent when switched off. The keyboard, also transparent is ergonomically designed with light sensitive illuminated keys and the whole set-up is of course wireless. No word yet on whether this design will go to production, we’ll just have to wait and see!

iMac Concept By Adam Benton

iMac Concept By Adam Benton

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  1. Nice. But probably not going to be very practical in rooms with bright lights or lots of sunlight.

  2. I don’t think it has any real practicality to it except looking cool. Might looking good in a service oriented shop or mall.

  3. Comments like “I don’t think it has any real practicality” reminds me of the 1st comments about PC’s and cell phones … I think it’ll catch like wildfire ! Especially when the technology is used in other spheres of everyday life … like advertising.

  4. There are a few practical problems to this design, some of which have been mentioned. It seems to have been forgotten that the iMac case is also a computer with accessible usb ports, cd drive etc. Will that be transparent too?

    That being said, the design is very slick and I hope reality will approach it to some extent. The purpose of concept designs is to stretch the imagination.

    Also, I’m all for a 30 inch iMac in any form or color. I trust Apple to push the envelope.

  5. I LOVE iIT!!! when will this be out. I don’t care what others have to say, i absolutely LOVE it!!

  6. it is nice but a bit confusing with the light in the back behind the computer

  7. how much but awesome

  8. monster gadget…! marvelous!

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