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New iPad Retina Display Officially The Best

New iPad Retina Display Officially The Best

Apple's new retina display beats others hands-down...

We’ve all heard the hype, but there’s actually science behind the claims that Apple’s new iPad Retina display is the best tablet display out there.

The new Retina display, which features a 2048-by-1536 resolution and 3.1 million pixels, is being touted as the “best display ever on a mobile device”.

Compared with the iPad 22, the new Retina display has 44 percent greater color saturation, and four million more pixels. It also beats HD for pixel count by 2 million.

Apple say at this resolution the eye can’t even make out single pixels at a normal viewing distance, and according to reports from DisplayMate, all these claims appear to be true.

ipad retina display comparison

New iPad Retina Display Comparison

The site reports that the new Retina display is ‘sharper than any screen its size and has better color representation than most home displays and HDTVs.’

The only real downside to the new display is extra drain on the battery life. At full brightness the new iPad loses an hour and a half of battery life compared with the iPad 2. That said, the tablet does excel in graphics and CPU power, which also require extra juice, therefore the shortened battery life cannot solely be blamed on the retina display.

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