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Image and Video Of New Apple Mac Mini

Image and Video Of New Apple Mac Mini

Leaked images and video clip of the new Apple Mac Mini a fake???

There seems to be a lot of speculation as to whether or not an image of the new Mac Mini, shown several blog articles yesterday, is actually the real deal.

The image shows the back of the new Mac Mini with a revised configuration of ins/outs – five USB ports, 1 FireWire 800 port, 1 Mini DVI and 1 Mini Display Port, plus an Ethernet port.

Leaked Image Of Mini Mac

Leaked Image Of Mini Mac

As always, the majority were quick to shoot it down, claiming the image nothing more than a poor Photoshop botch-job.

One analyst claims that when zoomed in, the image reveals β€œthe use of multiple macroblock types,” plus the placement of the Mini DisplayPort and Mini DVI ports, do not seem to line up with the design of the motherboard.

But bloggers have been quick to follow up their original articles with video that gives us a closer look at what Internet geeks are now calling the “2009 Penryn” mini mac.

Mac Mini 2009 Edition – video powered by Metacafe

The video still doesn’t confirm the credibility of the rumor, we’d like to see the device in action before making an informed decision.

So what do you think? Adding a couple of extra ports doesn’t seem like to much to ask for, but the rumor is yet to be confirmed.

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