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MacBook Increased Battery Life

MacBook Increased Battery Life

Apple batteries providing longer wireless productivity....

This year saw a dramatic price drop in Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, and along with these reduced prices, Apple have actually managed to increased the MacBook’s battery life.

Older specifications of the MacBook pro claimed a battery life of up to 5 hours, however, the new version of the MacBook Pro 17-inch promises a whopping 8 hours of wireless productivity.

The reason behind the MacBook’s increased battery life is due to two innovative new developments from Apple, one focusing on shape and dimensions, the other focusing on how the battery cells and computer system communicate with each other.

First off, standard lithium ion batteries are made up of cylindrical cells, mush the same as AA or AAA batteries. The problem with this design is that when many of these batteries are laid side-by-side, a lot of space is wasted.

Apple Lithium Polymer Cells

By using custom lithium polymer batteries instead of the industry standard lithium ion parts, Apple have managed to create a more compact battery, providing more power per cubic centimeter.

The first lithium polymer battery from Apple was included in the extremely portable MacBook Air, without these batteries the paper thin design of the MacBook would have been nearly impossible.

Apple have also opted for enclosed batteries that can not be removed, saving more space, but no doubt, also saving the company money. Apple claims these batteries will provide 8 hours of battery life for 5 years.

Another feature that gives MacBook batteries their extended life is the on-battery sensor that communicates with the system’s management controller. This union allows the computer to dynamically sense the needs of each lithium polymer cell then adjust the charging circuitry accordingly.

Apples Battery Management

These slight variations in the charging current reduce wasted charge cycles and help the battery charge more efficiently.

Apple claim that most batteries reach 80% of their life after 200-300 cycles, but say its custom lithium polymer batteries will charge as many as 1000 times before reaching the 80% mark.

Although Apple claims its unique battery chemistry and microprocessor managed charging (Adaptive Charging) is responsible for these gains, we’ll have to wait a couple of years before we really know if this statement is true.

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