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Apple Mountain Lion OS X

Apple Mountain Lion OS X

Apple’s Mountain Lion brings iOS like features to Mac’s…

The release of Apple’s highly anticipated OS X 10.8 update is just around the corner. Dubbed ‘Mountain Lion’ the new installment has clearly taken a few pointers from the company’s popular mobile iOS operating system with many of its 200 new features migrating from iOS 5.

Here’s a list of the most significant changes you can expect to see when firing up OS X Mountain Lion for the first time when it’s released later this month.

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Best New Features

os x mountain lion

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Airplay mirroring: Airplay mirroring works with any Apple TV or supported device. This feature, already popular with iPad and iPhone owner, will allow users to stream whatever is playing on the Mac directly to a second monitor.

Messages: Already available in a beta version for Lion OS X, Messages is Apple’s multi-protocol iChat messaging replacement, The software lets users send free text messages, photos, video and other files to any other Mac (running Lion) or iOS 5 device. It also syncs perfectly with Skype, so importing contact is easy as pie.

Powernap: Much the like the feature already included in Nintendo’s 3DS, Mountain Lion will allow the computer to perform certain tasks such as checking mail, updating notes and reminders, collating incoming messages, pulling down software updates and running Time Machine backups, all whilst in sleep mode.

Safari 6.0: Apple has included a new version of its popular Internet Browser. New features, include a unified Chrome-style address bar and search field, a “share” button that sends tweets, emails or web pages; the option to view saved passwords after authentication; a “do not track” privacy setting; the option to rename bookmark bar items, as well as iCloud integration which allows for seamless browsing when switching from Mac to an iOS device.

Sharing: In addition to the new ‘share’ feature on Safari, Apple has also made it easier to share links, photos, videos and other files directly from the app you’re working in.

Dictation: This handy feature will enable voice commands on all apps, according to Apple. The software can convert speech to text and doesn’t require voice training; the app apparently trains itself to understand your voice and accent as you go.

Price: Perhaps the best part about Apple’s new OS is the 30 percent cheaper retail price that its Lion predecessor. The final release will be up for download at the end of July directly from the App Store for just $19 – OS X Lion retailed for $29. It won’t be available on disc, and there’s no confirmation if they will be a USB-based version. Still the price is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to paid operating systems. [The developers ‘Gold Master’ will be available on July 9th.]

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