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Apple Patent Flat Button-Less Keyboard

Apple Patent Flat Button-Less Keyboard

Apple file patent for new computer keyboard with no mechanical buttons or switches…

Computer technology improves every year, but the simple accompanying keyboard has pretty much remained the same for decades. Of course there was the addition of touch-screen, but even then the standard layout of the buttons didn’t change.

Apple could be hoping to change all that… well, if a patent that was approved in July is anything to go by.

apple keyless keyboard

Apple Keyless Keyboard

Originally filed last in 2010, Apples patent for its new “Flat Keyless Keyboard for Desktops & More” depicts smooth surfaced, button-less keyboard that uses LED lights to display characters. The touchscreen-type keyboard uses pressure-sensitive piezo-electric sensors to detect the acoustic pulse of typing fingers and the LED lights can be configured to display standard keyboard layouts, or customized to create patterns that could be used for gaming, making music, DJ-ing, etc.

“There is currently two variations of the keyboard; one featuring illuminated images of keys under a glass surface; the other, a smooth plastic surface, both designs have clean minimalist lines as one would expect from the company,” According to Jeff Hughes of DigitalTrends.

Unfortunately it’s unclear whether this particular concept will hit the consumer market; Apple has filled numerous patents for new keyboard tech over the last couple of years and there could be many more to come. And even if the company does decide to go ahead with producing, it’s still years in the making.

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