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Apple iPhone Gets Google Earth

Apple iPhone Gets Google Earth

Google Earth now available on Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

One of the most popular and unique internet applications, Google Earth, was released to the users of the iPhone and iPod Touch last Sunday. Google Earth has been available on computers for three years and since its launch, has been downloaded more than 400 million times.

Google Earth On iPhone and iPod Touch

The new iPhone and iPod touch release of the application marks the first mobile version of the popular internet application. Coupled with Google Maps, which is already available on many other mobile platforms, users can now view the globe in several different ways – Google Maps for Mobile (GMM, focuses more on localized street mapping where as Google Earth give a more visual reproduction of the earth’s topography.

According to a blog post by Peter Birch, product manager for Google Earth, the iPhone’s touch interface allows a user to:

“Swipe [their] finger across the screen and… fly to the other side of the globe, while the in-built accelerometers make it possible to adjust the viewing angle by tilting the phone.”

Users can zoom in on an image in much the same way as MacBook trackpads, by pinching two fingers together on the screen.

When asked if a version of Google Earth for the Android operating system — the company’s rival mobile platform to the iPhone — would be appearing soon, Google only said to “keep an eye on the [Google] blog”.

The mobile version of Google Earth is available now as a free download through the iPhone App Store.

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