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Army Physical Fitness Test Gets Revamp

Army Physical Fitness Test Gets Revamp

The Army’s PFT is to get first revamp in 30 years…

Anyone who has enrolled in, or even thought about joining the military services, will be fully aware of what the acronym PFT stands for. For those who have no idea, the U.S. Military’s Physical Fitness Test is the standard test in which the cardiovascular, respiratory fitness and muscle strength of soldier’s is assessed and measured.

But now, according to a CBS article, the Army’s physical fitness test is to be revamped in order to keep up with modern day warfare. In the article, Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling, head of Army training, told CBS that the current test did not necessarily translate into survival on the battlefield.


Army Physical Fitness Test To Get Revamp

Image Credit: Minnesota State University, 2010.

In use since 1980, the Army’s current PFT involves a 2 minute run, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and two minutes of push-ups. All branches of the military are required to take the test, typically twice a year, and each test varies slightly according to the branch.

For example the Navy physical fitness test substitutes the 2 mile run for 1.5 mile run and 500 meter swim. The marines, on the other hand are required to pull-ups and abdominal crunches instead of sit=ups and push-ups, they also have to complete a 3 mile run.

The new APFT will axe the sit-ups and two-mile run, putting in its place a 1.5-mile run, short sprints, agility courses, and other anaerobic exercises such as rowing. The Army believes that shorter, higher-intensity tests will allow them to better assess the recruits ability to perform under fire.

Current APFT Requirements

apft score card requirements

APFT Score Card Requirements

Image Credit: Stew Smith, 2010.

For anyone interested in joining the military, or if you would simply like to where your abilities measure up on the APFT score card, there are a wide range of devices to assist you.

nike + fitness app

Nike +

Perhaps of one the most popular and widely available devices is the Nike + system that integrates with Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch. By placing the small Nike + sensor in your shoe, and downloading the accompanying app, users can track and monitor their progress and scores. The app also provides real-time feedback so you always know whether to pick up the pace, or simply maintain it.

We at 800HighTech have a wide range of fitness machines and electronics available on finance for military service members and civilian DoDs. With 800HighTech’s new Sports Financing mega-store, U.S. soldiers can be sure to meet the APFT requirements.

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