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Army’s New Nett Warrior Smartphone

Army’s New Nett Warrior Smartphone

The End User Device is the Army’s new Nett Warrior smartphone…

The Army has unveiled what could become a standard issue smartphone for all troops on the battlefield. The new device, known as the End User Device, is the next design for the Army’s Nett Warrior system, an encrypted network that connects troops wirelessly using portable devices.

Net Warrior system was bulky and less features than a 2008 smartphone and as a result, the project was put on hold in July to brainstorm new ideas. But just a few months later, the Army began talks with others in the mobile phone industry about using smartphone technology to modify the system, and the EUD is the result of those talks.

nett warrior end user device

Nett Warrior End User Device

End User Device won’t be Wi-Fi enabled and won’t connect to civilian network, in fact it won’t even be a phone as such, instead it will connect via radio to the Army’s new data nets and other classified military networks. The portable system will weigh just 3 lbs, 2 of those coming from the Rifleman Radio.

Security wise, each EUD will encrypt data that they store, and info will undergo another level of encryption when being transmitted.

The device will work like a smartphone with its own custom made apps, which will be available from the forth-coming Army App Store. Apps will cover a wide range of functions from mapping and tracking to help locate colleagues on the battlefield to avoid friendly-fire incidents, to mission planning tools that let commander’s design and share their plans for specific tasks.

No word on what device will eventually would become the EUD, however the Army will this month begin tests in rugged conditions, on 60 phones bought off-the-shelf. Tablets will also undergo testing to ensure Nett Warrior utilizes modern technology.

Although a number of handsets from different brands of devices will be tested, the only OS involved in the tests will be Google Android. No Windows or Apple OS.

The Army is also working on equipping soldier with smartphones. The program, known as Army’s Training and Doctrine command (TRADOC), is responsible for developing the Army’s Mobile Application Branch as well as training troops on how to use smartphones. Brig. Gen. Camille Nichols, the leader of the Army office said that it’s not currently clear if the two programs will merge, or if one will take over.

The military has tried, and failed, for almost two decades to connect troops with portable/wearable computers, radios and keyboards, hopefully the EUD finally brings that dream a little closer to reality.

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