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Double Barrel Semiautomatic Pistol

Double Barrel Semiautomatic Pistol

Arsenal Firearms double barrel pistol is deadly accurate…

The double barrel AF2011-A1 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol is truly a work of art, and not just for its aesthetics, but because its fully functional, and deadly accurate.

The idea originally came about around 10 years ago when Swiss armorer Vivian Mueller was cutting and welding together parts of the famous Sig P210 – result was a double barrel 9mm handgun, which instantly became a highly sort after collectors piece.

To commemorate the Centenary of the legendary Colt 1911-A1, Arsenal Firearms decide to take the concept one step further and build a market-ready double barrel .45 caliber pistol.

af2011-a1 double barrle semiautomatic pistol-2

AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol

The AF2011-A1 pistol is accurate enough to shoot all 8 double .45 caliber rounds (16 in total) into an orange from 15 yards away and a watermelon from 25, and naturally, it has twice the stopping power as single .45 caliber weapon.

While the gun uses lots of custom parts, the ‘ firing pins, the firing pins plates, the sears groups, the triple springs, the inner parts of the mainspring housings, the recoil springs and recoil springs rods, the magazine bodies and inner parts, the sights (including after market adjustable sights) the grips and grips screws and bushings,’ are all standard off-the-shelf 1911 parts.

af2011-a1 double barrle semiautomatic pistol-4

AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Semiautomatic Pistol

The Gun can be ordered with 2 independent triggers and one sear group (interchangeable with left and right), or with 2 triggers permanently joined and the choice of 1 or 2 sear groups.

Color wise, customers can chose between Mirror Finnish Deep Blue, or a 3400 Vickers surface hardness White Ash Nitrite coating.

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  1. Andrew Liszewski: Double Barrel Handgun Means You Only Have To Be Half as Accurate. Gizmodo, 03/12/2012.
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