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ASUS R.O.G Motherboards Sport Tactical Vests

ASUS R.O.G Motherboards Sport Tactical Vests

ASUS R.O.G motherboard dons tactical vest…

ASUS has shown off its new Republic of Gamers motherboards at a series of technical seminars held during Oct. The new Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Extreme and the Ultimate Force (TUF) Sabertooth P67 motherboards are based on the Intel P67 chipset and will support the forthcoming Sandy Bridge CPUs – Intel’s next-gen processors.

Both motherboards will features ASUS’s famed overclock abilities, but the TUF Sabertooth gets a military-style make over with a technology ASUS are calling the ‘Tactical Vest.’

asus sabertooth p67 motherboard

ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard With Tactical Vests

The Tactical Vest shields the motherboard from internal heat whilst forcing cool air towards notorious hot spots. In addition, ASUS’s new Thermal Radar Technology – an array of heat sensors placed in vital parts of the motherboard – provide accurate temperature readings and automatically adjust CPU and case fan speeds accordingly.

The new Republic of Gamers Maximus IV Extreme, includes ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth for external devices; an upgraded GPU TweakIt feature which allows users to fine tune both CPU and GPU performance; ROG Connect and RC Bluetooth for external devices; as well as ROG iDirect for iPhone and iPad.

asus r.o.g. maximus iv extreme motherboard

ASUS R.O.G. Maximus IV Extreme Motherboard

The company also said it was working on a second version the will include integrated networking processing unit (NPU) and sound card for “lag-free performance and enhanced sound quality for the ultimate online gaming experience.”

Both motherboards are scheduled for an early 2011 release.

The ASUS 2010 Technical Seminars were held in Germany, England, Taiwan, France, the United States, Japan, China, Singapore and Korea between October 30th and November 1st.

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