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ASUS Super Thin UX21 Laptop

ASUS Super Thin UX21 Laptop

ASUS UX Series laptops as thin as Macbook Air , but with more powerful guts…

Along the already infamous Padfone, ASUS unveiled another spectacular device at this year’s Computex, Taipei, Taiwan, a design to rival the Macbook Air, the ASUS UX Series laptop.

Chairman Jonney Shih took to the stage to reveal the company’s thinnest laptop to date; a sleek and professional looking design that is just 17mm at the thickest part. During the presentation Shih also unveiled the company’s forthcoming Padfone, a 3D tablet, the world’s first PC motion sensor controller, an all-in-one HD desktop and the new N series laptops.

asus ux series

ASUS UX21 Laptop

The hype behind ASUS’s UX21 is not all about its slim profile, the specifications are set to be impressive too. The company promises 2nd generation Intel Corei7’s, as well as SATA III SSDs and USB 3.0.

The spun finished aluminum body and the glass trackpad clearly take inspiration from Apple, but the keyboard adds a nice little touch with all metal buttons. Even with this combination of glass and metal the whole thing weighs just 2.4lbs/1.1kg,

asus ux21 laptop-2

ASUS UX21 Spun Aluminum Finish

asus ux21 laptop

Super Slim ASUS UX21

The UX21 will also feature a 2 second start up from sleep mode, and the ability to hibernate, which makes it a great choice for on-the-go users.

While ASUS promise power performance from the UXs core i7s CPUs, anyone who has been through their fair share of computers and laptops should know that specs aren’t everything, the way a computer performs has a lot to do with how the hardware and architecture of the system work together. This is one reason why Apple computers are often more stable than more powerful Windows counterparts; because the OS and hardware have been designed to work together from the ground up, instead of just being pieced together from already existing hardware and software.

However, ASUS said it worked closely with Intel in the development of the UX laptop to ensure the highest performance. Let’s hope they’ve done it right and the UX21, which will be available in September, is a serious contender in the powerful and portable category of laptops.

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  1. ASUSTeK Computer Inc., usually referred to as Asus, and trading under that name, is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan

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