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ASUS W-90 Laptop with Office 2007

ASUS W-90 Laptop with Office 2007

The powerful and mobile Asus W90 Laptop offers computer user a actual desktop replacement computer that has power and now includes Office 2007 Software Suite at no additional cost.

Starting October 1 through October 31, 2009 we will be offering Microsoft Office 2007 Software Suite pre-installed on the hot new ASUS W90 laptop at no additional cost. The Microsoft Office Suite is an essential part of computing and offers users powerful tools for a broad array of needs. The software retails at over $300 but will be available with the ASUS W90 FREE.

Asus W-90 Laptop with Office 2007

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See the Power, Hear the Power, Experience the Power

Asus W90 Laptop

Take to the streets in high gear with the W90, a multitasking and multimedia powerhouse reminiscent of a performance sports car. In balancing performance and style while on the move, the W90 provides you with an exhilarating rush of speed, powered by the Intel Core2 Duo processor for unbridled efficiency and productivity.

Relish a multi-sensory experience with full high definition audio and visual entertainment at your fingertips. Connect with friends and family anytime, anywhere with wireless connectivity and a high resolution webcam.

Asus W90 Laptop Webcam

A Multimedia Powerhouse for Maximum Audio and Visual Entertainment

The W90 is equipped with 6 Altec Lansing speakers shaped in the form of a sports car’s heating vents, with 5 speakers and an additional integrated subwoofer, and powered the 2nd generation Dolby Home Theater for symphonic audio reproduction. A seamless full HD 1080p, 18.4” widescreen display with a golden aspect ratio of 16:9 provides high definition cinematic images that are a feast to your eyes. Full HD also means that you can enjoy your videos, games and images in pristine clarity and vibrancy while maintaining maximum portability. This fantastic combination of audio and visual enjoyment to deliver a mind-blowing mix of high definition audio and visual entertainment can be easily controlled via AI Touch Media, an intuitive control panel located beside the keyboard that combines hardware and a software interface to control videos, photographs, music, and various other forms of multimedia.

Asus W90 Laptop Display

Asus W90 Laptop Multimedia

The W90 is the world’s first notebook equipped with a 3 x SO-DIMM mainboard design and a maximum RAM capacity of 6GB of DDR2-800 memory. With graphical performances attaining a 3DMark (2006) score of 15,000, powered by the latest graphics options ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 (dual graphics), ATI Mobility Radeon HD3850 (dual graphics) or the NVIDIA GeForce 9800M G and coupled with an Intel Core2 Duo processor, the W90 takes on intensive multimedia and multitasking with ease. Up to 640GB of storage capacity from dual hard disk drives means you can store more documents or multimedia for the road. The ASUS W90 also comes equipped with the Turbo Gear function, which allows you to overclock your system to significantly increase its performance by up to 25%, so that you can enjoy audio and video playback while gaming and web-browsing simultaneously.

Asus W90 HD Media Laptop

Connectivity, Communications and Peace of Mind On The Move

Connect to your world wherever you may be with an integrated 2.0 megapixel webcam and built-in 802.11n connectivity that enable ‘real-time’ video conferencing and Internet browsing. Keeping your documents safe are a built-in biometric scanner and the proprietary ASUS Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which is a hardware solution that holds computer-generated keys for encryption, helping users avoid attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data.

Asus Mobile Laptop W90

Exquisite Design for Style on the Move

A breathtaking experience awaits you as you glide your fingers across the W90 brushed aluminium top cover. Lift the hood and stand in awe of the majesty that is the flushed high definition widescreen LCD display and webcam, similar to a top-of-the-line flat screen television. Aft of the keyboard lies high definition stereo speakers designed to resemble the heating vents of a high performance super car. These impassioned design features bring style and class wherever you go.

Asus W90 Military Promotion




Building on the strengths of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007, Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 provides teams and organizations with the most comprehensive set of tools to collect and consolidate any type of information, find what they are looking for quickly, and easily share critical information with others across geographic or organizational boundaries, whether working online or offline. Included in Office Enterprise 2007 are Microsoft Office Groove 2007, which provides a rich and secure collaboration environment for teams to work together, regardless of location and with minimal IT support, and Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, which provides complete information management capabilities for any type of electronic content, helping information workers and project teams to deliver better results faster.

Easily and more securely share information among teams

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 helps teams and organizations to easily share information, synchronously and asynchronously, from any location.

  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 provides for live sharing sessions, making it possible for people at different locations to simultaneously view and edit the same page of notes.
  • With the Microsoft Office Groove 2007 decentralized architecture, teams can share information from any location, even when not connected to the corporate network.
  • Office Groove 2007 provides strong encryption at all times on each user’s desktop computer and while data is being synchronized between workspaces.
  • Together, Office OneNote 2007, Office Groove 2007, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 offer a comprehensive environment to help teams organize, share, access, manage, and store information.

Microsoft Office 2007 Software


Increase team productivity and results

Office Enterprise 2007 helps teams and organizations to easily gather, consolidate, organize, and reuse project information, so teams can deliver better results faster.

  • Office OneNote 2007 enables consolidation of disparate pieces of project information in many electronic formats, with easy access to content through advanced search capabilities.
  • Offline Office Groove 2007 content is automatically synchronized when an Internet connection is obtained, so all workers can continuously access the most relevant project data.
  • Users of Office Groove 2007 can monitor team member activity and changes to documents for greater visibility of the most up-to-date project information.
  • When saved to Office SharePoint Server 2007, content in Office OneNote 2007 and Office Groove 2007 becomes part of an official project record.

Microsoft Office 2007


Maximize efficient use of IT resources

Office Enterprise 2007 uses resources in an efficient manner, reducing demand on IT workers and system resources.

  • Office Groove 2007 helps with user self-provisioning after initial setup, so users can create new workspaces, add tools, and invite team members into workspaces without involving IT resources.
  • Both Office Groove 2007 and Office OneNote 2007 help reduce e-mail storage needs by moving team collaboration activities out of e-mail.
  • Office Groove 2007 handles data synchronization in a network-efficient manner: only changes to files are sent, reducing bandwidth use and providing users with a solution for sharing large files.
  • Office Enterprise 2007 integration with other 2007 Microsoft Office system software (Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Office Communicator 2007, and Office InfoPath 2007) brings additional context and richness to workspace activities.


Asus W90 Military Promotion



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