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Auctiva Site Infected With Malware

Auctiva Site Infected With Malware

eBay's Auctiva infected will Trojan horse...

A Trojan horse has been found lurking in the website of popular eBay auction tool,

The problem was bought to light by Google’s malware warning system – a tool which displays a warning message if a site is infected, given users the option to continue browsing the site.

“It appears the reason these virus alert warnings started showing up on our site is because some of our machines were injected with malware originating in China,”

Auctiva say they are not the only ones experiencing problems with the virus.

“The malware we believe to be at fault has also hit a number of other high-profile Websites over the past six months.”

Auctiva claim the malware targeted Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser and advised using Firefox, as that browser is “less susceptible to this sort of malware than Internet Explorer.”

Auctiva Infected With Malware

Auctiva Infected With Malware

One user wrote on the Auctiva forum:

“Found eight Trojans on my system that seemed to have snuck through my on-access protection, or maybe because, like a fool, I clicked ‘ignore the warning’ to get to Auctiva’s front page,”

User who browsed Auctiva between Thursday 19th and Saturday 21st afternoon, until 2 pm. Pacific time are advise to run virus scan on their machines. Auctiva also recommends clearing the browser cache and deleting all temporary files. Windows PCs should make sure they are up to date on patches.

Now the virus has been cleared up, Auctiva are working with Google to ensure the warning is removed.

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