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Back Up Power Generators

Back Up Power Generators

When electricity is not available is usually when you need it the most. During most times we don’t even consider the vital role electricity plays in our lives and how it even gets to us. For most, it doesn’t matter. When they flip the switch they want power.

Generators provide a very beneficial role during power outages. They have help rescue workers, medical teams, and ease to victims. Even before outages occur, they provide peace of mind because you know that electricity will be there.

During outages even simple luxuries such as AC and refrigeration is an unpleasant experience during extended power outages. If you are “brave and didn’t save” you might have lost time-consuming work that is unrecoverable.

Finally, electricity isn’t available everywhere. Even those who escape to the great outdoors find the experience is a whole lot better with the aid of a generator. Generators can be brought to any area and provide power that otherwise would not even be an option.

Diesel Generators

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator

Diesel generators differ from other generators by the type of ignition it has. Traditional gasoline engines operate on spark ignition while diesel engines use compression ignition to ignite the fuel. During compression air is brought into the engine and compressed to create heat. This causes very high temperatures inside the engine, a lot higher than gasoline engines. When the peak temperature and pressure is reached, diesel fuel will ignite.

Air and diesel are infused at different stages in the engine, while gas generators perform the action at the same time. In a diesel generator the fuel is brought into the engine using an injector instead of a carburetor. An air and fuel mixture in a gasoline generator limits fuel compression, and overall efficiency. A diesel engine compresses only air allowing a much higher compression ratio (14:1 up to 25:1). During colder temperatures, extra heat is provided through glow plugs. After the fuel ignites the combustion by-products are removed from the engine through the exhaust.

Diesel engines come in two cycle or four cycle. The choice of which to choose is based on the mode of operation required. Liquid-cooled generators are more quiet and temperatures are more controlled.

Benefits of Diesel Generators:

  • Safer
  • Low Noise
  • Cost Effective
  • Less Maintenance
  • Longer Lasting
  • Reliable

Electric Generators

Electric Generators

Electric Generators

Sn electric generator uses fuel to supply electric power. Home generators restore a home’s electricity during a power-outage. Portable generators are great for outdoor events and construction sites for the temporary power source. These systems can restore electricity within 20 seconds of an outage and maintain electric power longer than a portable unit. Every homeowner can benefit from owning an electric generator. A home generator is more than just a luxury, its a requirement. Electricity keeps power to your home, business/school work, maintain food suply, and offer medical equipment.

Benefits of an Electric Generator:

  • Not affected by any weather conditions
  • Requires less space
  • Cost of maintenance is less
  • Easy to use
  • “Green Energy”

Bowers Generator Systems

At Genset Central they have 60+ years of experience in generators for industrial, military, and residential power needs. Genset Central offers generator systems supplies Bowers diesel generators sets and Bowers electric generators for both industrial, military, and residential generator power needs. Bowers offers electric generator accessories for residential and emergency gensets, industrial generators, standby generators, portable/mobile generators, extended use generator fuel tanks, battery chargers and automatic transfer switches.

Systems Available:

  • Diesel Generators
  • Natural Gas Generators
  • Trailer Mounted Generators
  • Diesel Generator
  • Transfer Switches
  • Generator Accessories

Whether you need a diesel or electric generator for back-up power in case of a power outage, or if you would like to bring electricity to where you need it, you can find exactly what you need among the many different types of generators available at a variety of price points.

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