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Barco’s R-360 Flight Simulation Dome

Barco’s R-360 Flight Simulation Dome

Barco’s new flight simulator offers 360-degree field of vision for fighter pilots…

Barco, leading manufacturer of large-format projectors, has unveiled its new 360-degree flight simulator, which uses 14 high-res projectors to create a completely immersive training experience for fighter pilots.

The breakthrough system, which is calibrated by laser for optimum crispness, also displays images in infrared, allowing pilots to train wearing night vision.

barco r-360 flight simulator

Barco R-360 Flight Simulator

Image Credit: Barco, 2011.

Barco’s R-360 Flight Simulator Promo Video

The company says that the realism the system offers is critical when preparing for real-world scenarios, and hopes that the technology will pave the way for a new generation of simulators in which pilots can work together to carry out missions instead of follow a set of computer programmed scenarios.

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  1. Verrrrrry nice but probably costs a Gazillion dollars

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