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Barracuda Rugged Waterproof LCD

Barracuda Rugged Waterproof LCD

Sealed to IP67 and NEMA4X standards, it includes protection against several contaminants: watertight liquid immersion, blowing dust, falling dirt or debris, rain, sleet, snow, splashing fluids, hose-directed liquids, and ice.

Bumps, inclement weather, and unfavorable working conditions is the norm when dealing with military and industrial working environments. The tools need to be just as tough as the individuals that take on these jobs. However, technology generally is not well suited for these conditions and as a result are either absent or frequently replaced.

Thankfully there are technology manufactures that provide equipment that is strong enough for the toughest of jobs. General Digital industrial displays laboratory specializes in value-added enhancements including optical bonding, film lamination and many other means to improve display brightness and increase glass strength.

For those that are in need of an LCD Flat Panel Display that can handle the elements and is strong and durable to last, turn to the Barracuda Standalone Flat Panel LCD Monitor. Rugged, Sealed, and Waterproof! It meets NEMA4XNEMA 4X metal electrical enclosures are made of stainless steel. These NEMA enclosures are used in harsher environments than standard NEMA 4 units. Applications where corrosive materials and caustic cleaners are used necessitate the use of a NEMA 4X enclosure. Applications include food, such as meat/poultry processing facilities, where total washdown with disinfectants occur repeatedly and petro-chemical facilities, including offshore petroleum sites. NEMA 4X industrial cabinets are used when protection from the worst environments is required. and IP67Totally protected against dust(6). Protected against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1m (7). ratings.

Sealed Against Liquid Immersion (Watertight), Dust and Other Contaminants to NEMA4X – IP67 Specs
All Connectors Environmentally Sealed, Regardless of Connection
Lighter and Smaller Waterproof Enclosure than CRTs
Rugged All-Metal Construction
Turnkey LCD Monitor Ideal for OEMs, System Integrators and VARs
Waterproof Bezels and Enclosures are Constructed from Sturdy, Lightweight Aluminum
Designed with the Intent to Meet FCC Class A Certification
Accommodates Several Mounting Options
Total Design Control Facilitates Customization
Promotes Configuration Control and Extended Product Life Cycle (OEMs, Military)

Sealed Protection from the Elements

General Digital adds an extra level of protection to its rugged standalone LCD monitor line in the form of the Barracuda Standalone. Sealed to IP67 and NEMA4X standards, it includes protection against several contaminants: watertight liquid immersion (submersion) between 15cm and 1m depth, blowing dust, falling dirt or debris, rain, sleet, snow, splashing fluids, hose-directed liquids, and external formation of ice on the enclosure.

Whether in use or not, the Barracuda’s IP67-sealed connectors keep out liquid, dust and other contaminants. The Barracuda Standalone is ideally suited for dusty or wet conditions found in industrial and military environments, such as deserts, ships, outdoor kiosks, or simply constant exposure to changing weather conditions. To this end, every unit is equipped with weatherproof connectors that are sealed, regardless of connection, negating the need for extra covers on unused connectors.

Adaptable Design Serves Military, VARs and OEMs

The universal acceptance of LCD technology in the commercial, industrial and military sectors has revolutionized display applications. However, the demanding environments of many of these applications require performance that is not always addressed by commercial solutions. In particular, most LCD monitor manufacturers do not typically offer support beyond 24 months. Furthermore, their plastic enclosures afford little design flexibility or ruggedization. In response to this need, General Digital introduced the Barracuda PanelMount, Barracuda RackMount and Barracuda Standalone lines of panel mount, rack mount and standalone IP67 and NEMA4X sealed waterproof LCD monitors.

All Barracuda Series models satisfy the needs of System Integrators / VARs and OEMs / End Users with elegant simplicity, modular adaptability and cost sensitivity. Additionally, they are designed to operate from a single +12V regulated source that can be supplied by the customer, or may be purchased directly from General Digital.


General Digital integrates the latest advances in LCD display technology in virtually any size you require. Our stock offering sizes range from 6.4″ to 24.0″ (diagonal viewing area). These panels provide the equivalent viewing area of much larger CRTs. All of our active matrix TFT LCD panels offer up to 16.7 million colors, wide viewing angles, and fast response times (suitable for live video). We qualify multiple sources of supply to ensure product availability and long life. If our stock offering does not suit your needs in terms of size, fit or function, please contact a Sales Engineer and we will work with you to configure a system to your specifications.

Video Support

All standard Barracuda Standalone units support interlaced and non-interlaced analog video (Separate, Composite, Sync-on-Green). Support for STANAG 3350 A, B and C Analog SoG video is also included as a standard feature. In addition, they can be optionally configured to support analog, digital and integrated video (DVI-A, DVI-D, DVI-I), as well as serial digital interface (HD-SDI, SD-SDI) video.

Live Video Support

The Barracuda Standalone can be optionally configured to support NTSC, PAL, RS-170, and SECAM video in composite video or S-video format. The response time of the active matrix TFT makes it the ideal platform for live video input.

High Performance LCD Controller

Internal to our LCD monitor is an LCD controller that converts analog video signals into the proper digital signals required to drive the display. It is the LCD controller that enables the LCD monitor to function as a direct replacement for the traditional CRT. The controller provides intuitive operation of its controls and calibration through the use of a membrane pad and a series of on-screen menus. All models support the following display image controls: auto and manual setup, brightness, contrast, horizontal position, vertical position, tuning, size, individual RGB adjust, image expansion on/off, system information, run-time counter, and signal level. Advanced features are supported on a selective basis (image rotate and invert, audio controls, advanced scaling).

Barracuda Standalone NEMA4X - IP67 Sealed Waterproof LCD Monitor

Barracuda Standalone NEMA4X - IP67 Sealed Waterproof LCD Monitor

Protective Glass and Sealed Gasket

General Digital protects your display by adhering a piece of glass to the surface of the LCD panel to guard the liquid crystal material from making direct contact with foreign objects. In addition, a watertight sealed gasket is installed between the display and bezel to protect the monitor’s electronics from dust, liquids (e.g., spilled coffee) or other debris.

Metal Construction

The Barracuda enclosure is sealed watertight to NEMA4X and IP67 specifications.General Digital’s rugged waterproof aluminum enclosures are designed to withstand the rigors of commercial, industrial, and military (COTS) environments alike. Our enclosures are completely irridited to provide protection from corrosion and improve shielding properties where parts make contact with one another.

All external surfaces are finished with a durable black powder coat. Unlike plastic enclosures (commodity products), whose mold is usually designed for a specific display and control electronics, our modular enclosures offer superior configuration flexibility. This modular and flexible design also permits us to introduce contemporary technologies without requiring extensive redesign. Our products are intentionally designed to support LCD displays (and other electronics) from numerous manufacturers. This capability enables us to minimize the impact of a single suppliers’ decision to obsolete, allocate or redesign their display, upon our ability to maintain configuration control or extend the manufacture life of our products.

Waterproof LCD Monitor Submerged in a Tank of Water

Waterproof LCD Monitor Submerged in a Tank of Water

Compact, Lightweight Enclosure

The Barracuda Standalone’s enclosure is designed for both durability and safety. The enclosure is constructed from heavy duty aluminum and is intended to survive in benign environments such as factory floor, food processing, medical and military (MIL-STD-901D) applications. The enclosure is constructed from flat stock which allows General Digital to make modifications without requiring costly secondary processes. In addition, the corners are formed by an extensive process of bending, welding and grinding. In a drop test, we have found that our corners outperform those found on deep-drawn or molded enclosures. Overall, this assembly technique yields General Digital a high performance, moderate cost, flexible design.

Each enclosure is configured with a set of VESA standard (75 mm or 100 mm) mounting holes on the rear, which enable a multitude of desktop pedestals, articulating arms and mounting yokes to be attached. The low profile enclosure is typically available with a separate external supply. All of the interfaces (video, serial, power) utilize sealed locking connectors that are located on the rear of the enclosure.

Barracuda Standalone NEMA4X & IP67 Sealed Waterproof LCD Monitor

Barracuda Standalone NEMA4X & IP67 Sealed Waterproof LCD Monitor

Mounting Options

The Barracuda Standalone enclosure is designed to be used either as a portable display that can be carried from one location to another, or be mounted using the supplied mounting holes located on the rear and/or sides of the enclosure. This model line facilitates the integration of standard or custom pedestals, yokes, cradles, or articulating arms.


General Digital gladly offers its engineering services to customers who require special customization of our devices to meet their commercial, industrial or military requirements.


Configuration Control & Product Longevity

We at General Digital are completely responsible for the design and manufacturing of our products, allowing us to maintain nearly total control of their future. Our experience supporting Department of Defense programs has taught us the value of designing products with foresight so that they can be manufactured, serviced and upgraded for many years. Though the market introduces new innovations and product upgrades at an alarming rate, our product management team knows the importance of proactive customer notification and can offer product adaptation with similar or equivalent performance before designs become obsolete, thereby extending the product life cycle.

Private Labeling

General Digital encourages relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other organizations, and is willing to maintain your company identity (private label) on the Barracuda Rugged Waterproof LCD Display.

Options & Accessories

A multitude of options and accessories are offered in support of all General Digital products: vandal shields, EMI / RFI shields, antireflective coatings / antiglare etches, touch screens, power supplies, keyboards / pointing devices, rack slides, video / serial / power cables and more.

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