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Batch Resize Image With Terminal Command

Batch Resize Image With Terminal Command

How to batch resize images with Mac OS X Terminal app…

The Terminal application in Mac OS X is a powerful tool that allows users to implement all kinds of changes with lines of code, similar to the Windows CMD command line.

Although this app may seem rather daunting, there are many simple lines of code that anyone can utilize. One extremely handy command is to batch resize images in a folder.

  • To do this fire up the Terminal app under Utilities
  • Navigate to the directory where your images are – to do this use the ‘cd’ command (Type: cd /User/*username*/*image folder*)
  • Then type this code with size you wish the images to be, this code would resize images to 640px: sips –Z 640 *.jpg (or .png)

batch resize images with terminal app

Batch Resize Images With Terminal App

The code will then resize every image in that folder, whilst retaining the original aspect ratio. Be sure to save a version first if you wish to keep a copy at the original size, as the process is irreversible.

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