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15 of the Best War Videos From Iraq

15 of the Best War Videos From Iraq

15 Videos of Lethal JDAM Air Strikes on Insurgents in Iraq - Pounds in a Ton

With the war in Iraq slowly winding down, major escalations may not be present soon. Things in Afghanistan may however. For the mean time, here is a quick collection of our favorite Iraq War videos. We know that there are hundreds more, but there is only so much time in a day.

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1 – Airstrike on Alqaeda meeting house in Iraq

2 – 500lb Bomb Dropped on House

3 – Laser Guided Bomb in Iraq at Night

4 – 500lb JDAM Bomb Hits Position in Samarra

5 – Air Strike In Iraq Dropped From FA-18

6 – JDAM Strikes Insurgent Position

7 – Iraq Bridge Bomb and Resulting Shockwave

8 – Bomb Hitting Insurgents House in Iraq


9 – A Near Miss For US Troops

10 – Airstrike on Insurgents Spotted Preparing an Attack in Ramadi, Iraq

11 – An F-16 Dropping 2 500 lb JDAM Bomb on an Insurgents House

12 – Triple JDAM Bomb Drop on Insurgents in Ramadi, Iraq

13 – Iraq Truck IED

14 – UAV Predator Takes Out Insurgent With A Hellfire Missile In Iraq

15 – Alqaeda Camp Engaged By US Air Strikes In Iraq

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