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The Best Way To Record Audio Playing On Your Mac

The Best Way To Record Audio Playing On Your Mac

How to recording audio playing on your Mac in high quality…

We recently featured an article on how to record video and audio playing on the mac. But as we noted, the basic set up only allows you to record the audio via the internal mic. This is great for video tutorials, but not great when you’re looking to record high quality audio.

Fortunately a little app called Soundflower has the ability to route all audio through your recording software (in the instance we’re using QuickTime, but you can use Garage Band, Logic, Audacity or any other audio recording software).

  • First off download and install the Soundflower app – you’ll need to restart your computer to complete the installation.
  • Open Soundflower, and click on the ‘Soundflower’ icon in the top menu bar.
  • Select ‘Built-in Output’ in the ‘Soundflower (2ch)’ tab.
  • Then click ‘Audio Setup’ and select ‘Soundflower (2ch)’ from the list in left sidebar menu.
  • soundflower menu audio devices

    Soundflower Menu and Audio Devices

  • Command click the option and make sure ‘Use this device for sound input’, and ‘Use this device for sound output’ are both selected. You should a small sound and mic icon.
  • If you have both a audio input jack and an audio out put jack on your mac, you’ll be able to select Speaker/Headphones from the Soundflower menu, this allows you to monitor the sound you’re recording.
  • If you have a 13-inch Macbook, that option won’t be available, which mean you won’t be able to hear what you are recording, but it will still be a high quality recording.
  • Next open the Mac ‘System Preferences’
  • Click on ‘Sound’, and make sure the ‘Soundflower (2ch)’ option is selected for both ‘Input’ and ‘Output’.
  • system preferences soundflower output

    Sound Settings In Mac System Preferences

  • Now you are ready to record.
  • Open QuickTime, click File and select ‘New Audio Recording’ (this also works with New Screen Recording).
  • Then from the drop down menu on the right select ‘Soundflower (2ch)’
  • Now press ‘Record’ and press ‘Play’ on the source you wish to record.
  • record audio quicktime soundflower

    Record Audio With QuickTime and Soundflower

Note: Some programs will require you to manually select the Soundflower (2ch) device from the software preferences.

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