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The Worst Gaming Freakouts

The Worst Gaming Freakouts

The worst, best, and most hilarious gaming freakouts ever.

Here’s possibly the best list of the worst gaming freakouts ever. We’ve included all the viral classics as well some others you may not have seen. Below we’ve got clips of the best of gaming freak outs, kinect accidents, crazy girlfriends breaking consoles, and a few compilations of some hilarious computer and office freakouts.

Big credit out to the guys/and girl’s that filmed, edited and upload these clips for our viewing pleasure. If you like the clips, follow the links in the player and give them some credit 😉

Modern Warfare 2 freak out (w/ theme music) epic fail

Classic extreme sleep deprived nerd. This kid take’s on walls, his camera and 17 hours of his life to figure out he doesn’t like Call of Duty Modern Warfare II.

Greatest freak out ever (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

One of the most popular gaming freakouts, aside from the uber tantrum he’s throwing, he progressively manages to strip to his boxers before getting a little wired with the remote control.

Angry German kid original video (With correct subtitles!)

Unreal amounts of anger in this clip, enough said.

Fat kid throws GameBoy across the street

This overweight, and rather dated gamer, learns a lesson of immediate regret when his GameBoy quest isn’t going his way.

Chocolate milk, the classic

Fantastic debating skills, this angry young gamer quickly dismisses his mom’s requests to turn down the volume and stop gaming, then responds with orders demanding chocolate milk.

Please Mom! Please!

You haven’t heard whining until you’ve heard this.

Halo 2 Rage: Halo 2 kid freaks out!

Another classic freakout, this kid has some serious gaming touretes.

Jeez! call of duty freak out sooo funny

If this kid could only take out the enemies in Call of Duty the way he takes out his brother, he might just do a little better.

Xbox Kinect FAIL!!!

Kinect is a whole bunch of fun for gamers of all ages, that is until your baby girl goes flying.

Or your teenage son…

Dad pulls out the ultimate K.O. victory.

And let’s not forget those crazy girls….

Pissed off Girlfriend breaks ps3!!!

When you boy friend spends too long playing games, take to his console with a hammer, obviously.

Girlfriend gaming freakout

Bet he’s glad she didn’t see the knife in the table!


Whilst this maybe on the opposite end of the freakout spectrum, this kid is showing some extreme emotions, emotions I’m sure will swing the other way when good games go bad, and as every gamer knows, it always goes bad at some point.

Crazys Top 10 Freak out

This funny compilation features some hilarious gaming and office freakouts.

Worst Office Freakout

In an Office Space moment this guy losses it, and seeing he is probably fired anyways, makes the most of it.

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