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Black Box For Guns

Black Box For Guns

Weapons Manufacturer Unveils Black Box for Guns...

A new device ,developed by FN Herstal, could help military and police trace the exact actions performed by a gunman. The black box aims record ammo usage, weapon jamming, as well as who shot who at what time.

The new gadget could possibly record details such as where shots were fired and the intended target, and even indirectly pinpoint the identity of the gunman by using GPS and an ID specific to each weapon.


Using this technology would allow individual soldiers to know how many shot they had fired without checking their magazines, it could also allow commanders to see if their troops are running low on ammo. Manufacturers could also know when a weapon might need maintenance.

Furthermore, being able to determine when and where weapons were fired could prove useful in follow-up investigations involving accidents or possible misbehavior. It could also provide an after-action report to review and improve solider performance.

The Belgian company revealed its black box at the MILIPOL security expo in Paris last week. The device supposedly fits into the empty space the size of a pistol grip, and its battery can last either ten years or 100,000 shots.

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