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Blu-ray Sale Rise As Prices Drop

Blu-ray Sale Rise As Prices Drop

Blu-ray prices have dropped as much as 72% since it's release, and now more and more consumers are choosing the new HD format...Blu-Ray Disc Sale Increase As Prices Drop

The battle for supremacy of the new high-definition format slowly unraveled over the last two years, and towards the end, it became clear that Blu-ray was to take the crown over HD-DVD.

With more and more notebooks, desktops and consumer electronics incorporating the new HD format, its not surprising that Blu-ray is becoming the industry standard.

Blu-ray Sale Rise As Prices Drop

Now a new report conducted by NPD Group confirms that Blu-ray video has moved “further into the mainstream.”

The reported showed that first quarter sales of standalone Blu-ray player in the US increased by a massive 72% to over 400,000 units, while the average selling price of the units decreased by 34%, from $393 to $261.

Ross Rubin, director of industry analysis at NPD said:

“The rising penetration of high-definition televisions and lower Blu-ray player prices are broadening the format’s market opportunity…

“Even as options expand for accessing movies digitally, Blu-ray is carrying forward the widespread appeal of DVD into the high-definition marketplace.”

Another NPD analyst Russ Crupnick explained that the “leading driver” of Blu-ray “purchase intent” can be attributed to recommendations from friends, family or co-workers.

“Blu-ray’s superiority used to be difficult for many consumers to grasp, but when friends rave about it, or demonstrate Blu-ray in their homes, they are selling the benefits in a way that is far more effective than simply viewing an advertisement or seeing it demonstrated at a retail store,” he said.

Sales of Blu-ray movies, which were rather slow during 2008, have also significantly increased. In the US, around 9 million Blu-ray titles were purchased from January though to March – almost double the 4.8 million that shipped during the first quarter of 2008.

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