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T-45 Flight Simulator

T-45 Flight Simulator

The T-45 flight simulator helps ready pilots for training on the T-45 Goshawk training jet...

This fantastic shot of what has to be the most realistic flight simulator in the world. In the image Lt.j.g. Jon Michael Chombeau, a flight student assigned to Training Air Wing (TRAWING) 2, undergoes ground flight training in the T-45C visual simulator. 180-degree screen provides dimensional perspective to mimic the exact view pilot’s get from the cockpit – you can see in the pic the curves of the earth and the distorted view of a fighter jet ahead.

t-45 flight simulator

T-45 Flight Simulator

Image Credit: U.S. Navy photo by Richard Stewart Released.

The simulator is located at the Naval Air Station Kingsville, and is the first practical training exercise in the T-45 TS Strike Flight Curriculum program. Designed to help pilots land safely on aircraft carriers, as well as master certain strike techniques, the T-45 training program begins in the class room, moves on the simulator, then eventually the real thing, the T-45 Goshawk.

T-45 Goshawk

Based on the British Aerospace Hawk aircraft, The Navy’s T-45 is a tandem-seat, carrier capable, jet trainer used for intermediate and advanced portions of the Navy/Marine Corps pilot training program, replacing the previously used T-2 Buckeye and the TA-4 trainer.

T-45 Goshawk General Characteristics

  • Contractor: Boeing Company
  • Unit Cost: $17.2 million
  • Propulsion: Rolls Royce F405-RR-401 turbofan engine with 5,527 pounds thrust
  • Wingspan: 30 feet 10 inches (9.39 meters)
  • Length: 39 feet 4 inches (11.98 meters)
  • Height: 13 feet 6 inches (4.11 meters)
  • Weight: Take-off maximum gross, 13,500 pounds (6,075 kg); empty 9,394 pounds (4,261 kg)
  • Speed: 645 miles per hour (1038 km per hour)
  • Ceiling: 42,500 feet
  • Range: 700 nautical miles (805 statute miles, 1288 km)
  • Armament: None
  • Crew: Two (instructor pilot, student pilot)

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