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How To Boost Your WiFi Signal

How To Boost Your WiFi Signal

Boost your WiFi signal with a DIY antenna made from copper wire and a drinking straw...

This great little video clip shows how it’s possible to boost your WiFi signal twofold with a piece of copper wire and a drinking straw.

You’ll need a few other things, namely, a pair of wire cutters – to cut and bear the wires; a wood screw – to help shape your new antenna; a soldering iron to fix your new antenna; and a black marker pen – to color the drinking straw.

Basically, you strip the original antenna and cut it; mold a new one out of copper wire and solder it; then color in the drinking straw and use it to cover your new antenna.

Bingo, a new super WiFi extender antenna all for a few bucks and 15 mins work.

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