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Boston Dynamic AlphaDog

Boston Dynamic AlphaDog

Boston Dynamic’s AlphaDog robot in action…

Boston Dynamics, a company known for it’s robots that mimic the gait of humans and animals alike, has released a clip of its new AlphaDog quadruped Legged Squad Support System; a robot designed to provide valuable support for soldiers on the battlefield.

Originally nicknamed the BullDog, the new bot is the successor to Boston Dynamic’s BigDog, and like it’s older brother, the AlphaDog can navigate across extremely rough-terrain with ease. Its predecessor BigDog was loud and lacked the features necessary for the battlefield, however the AlphaDog is 10x quieter, and features technology such as GPS and computer vision to track and follow soldiers.

boston dynamics alphadog

Boston Dynamics AlphaDog

In the clip you can see the bot carrying huge 200lbs weight on either side; a load it can carry for up to 20 miles. You can also how two people can’t knock the bot down, and how it rights itself if it does happen to fall on its side.

In the testing phase AlphaDog is running alongside a guide rail and linked up to draw its power remotely, in the field however the bot will get its power from a low noise internal combustion engine.

Developed with funding from DARPA and the US Marine Corps, the first AlphaDog is scheduled to roll out for testing with Marines sometime in 2012.

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