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Boston Dynamics Atlas and Cheetah Bots

Boston Dynamics Atlas and Cheetah Bots

Boston Dynamics gets funding for Atlas and Cheetah bots…

Robotics company, Boston Dynamics – the creators of the BigDog and upright bipedal Petman – have landed another DARPA grant for the development of a humanoid robot called Atlas and an four-legged animal-like bot dubbed the Cheetah.

The humanoid Atlas, based on the company’s headless Petman bot, will be designed to traverse all types of terrain, squeeze through narrow gaps and use its hands to augment its movements, in much the same way as a real human would.

cheetah boston dynamics

Boston Dynamics Cheetah Robot

Image Credit: Boston Dynamics, 2011.

The Cheetah on the other hand will design for speed and maneuverability. Its specifications call for a super-fast, agile bot that can out run humans. President of Boston Dynamics Marc Raibert, told Boston Herald that while the Cheetah will have an initial speed between 20-30 mph, there’s no reason why it couldn’t eventually outrun the animal by reaching speeds of 60-70 mph.

petman humanoid boston dynamics

Boston Dynamics Petman Humanoid

No word on when the first prototype of Atlas will be strutting its stuff, however the company did say that working Cheetah prototype will be ready in just 20 months.

The new robots received funding under DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program, which aims to provide “a significantly improved scientific framework for the rapid design and fabrication of robot systems and greatly enhance robot mobility and manipulation in natural environments.”

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