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Boston Dynamics LS3 AlphaDog Mule New Video

Boston Dynamics LS3 AlphaDog Mule New Video

New footage of the AlphaDog trekking through the jungleā€¦

Boston Dynamics has been making some developments in the world of quadruped robotics. Less than a week after releasing footage of its Cheetah Bot breaking yet another land speed record, Boston Dynamics has now unveiled a video of the larger Alpha Dog, also known as the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), untethered and roaming the forest imposingly.

boston dynamics alphadog

Boston Dynamics Legged Squad Support System A.K.A. AlphaDog

The DARPA-funded LS3 is designed to carry up to 400lbs of payload whilst travelling at 20mph over all type of terrain. The new footage shows the LS3 tailing a human leader using newly its fitted sensors that not only help it stay on track, but also help it to avoid obstacles along the way. The bot can also be programmed to follow GPS directions.

The current prototype is still rather noisy, however Boston Dynamics are working on making it quieter, as well as faster.

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