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D.I.Y. Macbook Battery Pack

D.I.Y. Macbook Battery Pack

How to build a D.I.Y. external Macbook battery pack…

Modern batteries are great, especially those found in Macbooks, which can last between 8-10 hours, however there are still often times when the battery-life is not quite enough, and you get caught out without any power.

There are many solution on the market for portable power sources, some using pre-charged cells other using solar power, but not everyone can shell out the few hundred dollars these device typically cost.

That’s why Verge Forums member E. Rodgers hacked together his own D.I.Y. Macbook battery, using off the shelf parts, for just $60. To build the battery Rodgers used:

  • 2x 12v CCTV battery
  • 3rd party MacBook car charger
  • Soldering iron
  • Flux (optional)
  • Solder
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • 5x blocking diode

Check out the clip below to see how Rodgers put together his D.I.Y Macbook battery:

While the list idea may seem slightly overwhelming, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Anyone with a little experience in soldering should easily be able to construct the battery without too much trouble, which makes it a perfect project for the budding D.I.Y. enthusiast.

If you’re interest in tacking the hack yourself head on over to the Verge for a full description on the project.

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