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Business Cloud Storage

Business Cloud Storage

Before buying an online cloud storage service, compare these important features to get the best cloud service for your business.

Many businesses are taking their business online – but in the new way. Once many felt fear with proving all of their important files online. They worried about data loss, theft or inability to access it when they need it.

Today cloud computing not only takes all of those worries away, but it adds so much more potential and savings. Entrusting your files to cloud storage companies is comparatively stress-free.

What is cloud storage? In it nutshell you can store, access and manage your data on server storage infrastructure, so that you can take advantage of the scale, efficiency, and professional service anywhere.

If you compare the cost of storing and maintaining onsite storing to using a reputable cloud storage service you save big.

One of the biggest worries is loss of data. However, data loss is even greater with onsite storage. That is because professionals maintain servers and backups better than what most of us dream our IT department capable of. Even if in the rare event catistrophic failure were to happen to your cloud server, an immediate back up is available. All of these features as listed below but business cloud storage from amcom to the top.

When looking for a business cloud storage service you will need to make sure they provide security and backup for your files. Another great feature is the sharing aspect. Files can be easily shared with satallite offices, partners, or internal employees with a click of the button. You can now have the same file on all of your mobile devices.

So many useful features you can go dizzy, but here are the important factors to consider:

Storage Size

Cloud storage size will depend on what you need. If you are unsure of how much you need here is a quick guide, but the best services will be scalable. With 5-10 employees, but we like the cloud storage providers that can accommodate those same businesses as they expand to 100 employees or more. We like the companies that have plans for the data you need to store, whether it is a terabyte, 10 terabytes or more.


We looked for a collection of features that will make each part of the move to cloud storage smoother – from the initial transfer of your data to the ongoing backups. We looked for firms that make the most of bandwidth and of every gigabyte of storage with technologies like deduplication, idle backup and bandwidth throttling.


One reason business owners are willing to send private information about their clients and other topics into the cloud is the precautions cloud services take to protect that information. The best business cloud services encrypt your information – some even do it twice – and also allow you to design your own encryption key. That means no one outside of your company can see your information, not even the folks who work for the business cloud service.


You, your employees and even your clients may need to remotely access information you store with your business cloud storage service. The best of these companies make that very easy and secure with mobile phone access, syncing capabilities and branding tools that can make a good impression on clients who need to use files stored in the cloud.


If you have questions regarding the security of your company’s data, you will be in a hurry to get answers. The best business cloud services will have people ready to assist you by phone, email and live chat. The more hours of the day they can offer that, the better.

Business cloud storage is a good idea for any company that cannot afford to lose data to a natural disaster, theft or other unforeseen turn of events. In other words, it is a good idea for every business. We found some reliable services that can make the process of transitioning to cloud storage as painless as possible.

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